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March 08, 2017 - 1:00PM
The Barlow Event Center, 6771 Laguna Parkway, Sebastopol, CA 9547
1.30 pm
1.45 pm
Welcome Introduction
2.00 pm

Keynote Address

2.15 pm
Scientific Lectures Part I: A Spatial Approach to Winegrowing
2.20 pm

Assessing variability in the vineyard through a spatially explicit selective-harvest approach

Variability in water status within a vineyard affects plant physiology and metabolism, and selective harvest is a state of the art tool to address this issue.

2.35 pm

Approach to Adopting Vineyard Optimization Techniques

Erin will be discussing Twomey's approach to optimization techniques around vineyard uniformity in light of detailed information on biomass index.

2.45 pm

2016 Vintage Analysis

Analysis of 2016 climatic conditions and their impact on vine performance.

3.00 pm
3.15 pm
Scientific Lectures Part II: A Fruit Chemical Approach to Winegrowing
3.20 pm

Using Grape Phenolic Analysis

The ETS grape phenolic panel has proven to be a powerful tool for vineyard descriptions, maturity monitoring, vintage predictions and winery intake analysis. Examples from the 2016 season will be presented.

3.55 pm

Concept, applications and results of sugar loading on Cabernet Sauvignon during 2016

Dive into realtime, cross functional data from Vivelys' apprach to sugar loading during the 2016 growing year.

4.30 pm
Vintage Comparison Panel
5.30 pm
Wine Tasting