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December 07, 2021 - 1:00AM
Online event
📍 Understanding each growing season pragmatically is essential. Each vintage poses unique challenges and distinct advantages. During this event we will discuss the most important wine growing trends for the 2021 Napa Valley vintage and its impact on wine production. Here is What You'll Learn! How has climate impacted the production of wines from this vintage What can we expect from wine quality What tools can we utilize to help our understanding of the vine and fruit How can we leverage what we learned in 2021 to sustainably produce quality fruit and create world-class wines next season. Also, ask any question, learn and have fun! 🎟 Save the date and get your notepad ready. But it is good to know that your ticket will give you access to the event replay video. 💡 Don't miss it. Join us for an exploration of these topics and more!



Cet événement est une réunion technique consacrée exclusivement aux vignerons, chefs de culture, œnologues et consultants. Les fournisseurs de l'industrie ne sont pas acceptés sauf s’ils parrainent l'événement. Pour d'avantage d'informations, merci de contacter [email protected] .
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