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The Vintage Report is a unique forum that aims to gather the industry’s most prominent vintners and scientists to discuss the previous vintage, present the latest innovative research and share technical advances in viticulture and enology.

The concept behind the Vintage Report originates from the desire to encourage sustainable and efficient vineyard practices. Inspired by the need to create a forum where industry leaders can come together to share knowledge, these technical conferences take place in wine growing regions around the world.

Created in 2010, it is now an annual rendezvous for winemakers, vineyard managers and winery owners eager to get firsthand insights into the past vintage from the industry.

Why Attend the Vintage Report

The Vintage Report combines scientific results with empirical knowledge and experience. This is a unique event that gives vintners the opportunity to look back at the previous vintage and learn from others in the industry. The topics discussed are deeply rooted in the region where it is held and the analysis delivered at the Vintage Report is driven by vineyard data that paints a picture of local terroir. Because of this, content delivered at the Vintage Report is essential for preparing for the following harvest and learning about the industry's most recent scientific advancements.

The Vintage Report will position the industry’s top winemakers and viticulturists to be at the forefront of scientific advancement. Gathering the wine industry’s thought leaders with some of the world’s most respected scientists on the topic will spark new ideas critical to building better winemaking practices and improve the industry as a whole.