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February 10, 2020 - 8:30AM
Walla Walla Community College, Room 185 & 186
8.30 am
9.00 am

Welcome Introduction

9.15 am

2019 Vintage Report Keynote

Sadie Drury will walk us through the major highlights and challenges of the 2019 vintage from one of the region's most experienced practitioners.

9.35 am

2019 Vintage Analysis

This technical presentation will compare and contrast multiple varietals from specific vineyard sites to show how 2019 compared to previous years.

10.40 am

Current Status of Testing Solutions for Smoke Impact

The core question when grapes have been exposed to wildfire smoke is often to what extent their quality, or suitability for winemaking, has been compromised. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of consensus about predicting the risk of smoke characters appearing in wine. This study provides new insights into the fate of smoke compounds in grapes and wines, and invaluable information about the objective assessment of smoke impact in grapes and wines.

11.45 am
Lunch Break
12.20 pm

The 2019 Walla Walla Vineyard Report

1.00 pm

The 2019 Walla Walla Wine Report

A basic look at how grape phenolics phenolics get translated into their respective wines. This presentation also will discuss some of the challenges we had in this vintage. Specifically, this perspective will go through a comparative tasting of wines that used flotation to remedy powdery mildew and a look at frost taint in Cabernet, focusing on the severe freeze that occurred on October 9-10.

1.45 pm


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