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January 19, 2016 - 8:00AM
Silverado Resort and Spa, 1600 Atlas Peak Rd, Napa, CA 94558
8.00 am
Registration and breakfast
8.30 am
Welcome Introduction
8.45 am
9.00 am
Scientific lectures: 2015 vintage description and analysis of vintage effect on vine physiology and maturation
9.10 am

2015 vintage analysis

Analysis of climatic conditions and their impact on phenological stages, how vine can modulate its water use in a dry context ?

9.30 am

Grapevine pruning respecting the sap flow

A pruning method to preserve the longevity of the vines perennant structure and reduce the damage caused by trunk diseases

9.50 am

Next generation diagnostics for grape trunk diseases

Application of deep sequencing technologies for the rapid simultaneous detection of trunk pathogens in symptomatic and non-symptomatic wood

10.10 am
Coffee Break
10.30 am
Scientific lectures: 2015 vintage effect on berry and wine composition
10.35 am

2015 vintage characterization

New insights on early maturation processes, later maturation process, characterization of skin components and their extractibility

10.55 am

Impact of drought on fruit ripening and metabolism in white and red grape varieties.

A large scale survey on how grape metabolism respond to water deficit, with new insights on the molecular elements that regulate this response.

11.15 am

Study on Grape Phenolics in Napa Valley

11.30 am
Panel of winemakers and vineyard manage
12.00 pm
1.30 pm
Impact of disruptive technologies, global warming and water scarcity issues on winemaking
1.40 pm

A regional character in the microbes associated with wine production

How the “regional character” attributed to wines is influenced by grape-associated microbiota? What is the contribution of regional, environmental and viticultural factors?

2.00 pm

The State of the Climate: What has El Niño Done for you Lately?

This talk will review the 2015 vintage climate characteristics over the western US, discuss the state of the current El Niño in terms of the ongoing drought in the region.

2.20 pm
PhD project pitch in 180 seconds
2.30 pm
Announcement of the Vintage Report Innovation Award presented by Bank of the West winner
2.50 pm
3.00 pm
Wine & Beer tasting