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January 18, 2018 - 8:30AM
The Westin Verasa Napa, 1314 McKinstry St, Napa, CA 94559
8.00 am
Welcome Introduction
8.30 am
Welcome Introduction
8.45 am

Keynote Presentation: The State of the Climate

9.30 am
2017 Vintage Effect on Vine Development
9.35 am

2017 Vintage Analysis

Analysis of 2017 climatic conditions and the impact on vine performance.

10.05 am

From budburst to maturity: Modeling future winegrape phenology

This talk will review current progress in modeling major winegrape phenological events---budburst, flowering, veraison and maturity---based on our understanding of how climate impacts development. New results from models of budburst to veraison will be discussed, including their current predictive capacity for Napa.

10.30 am
Coffee Break
11.00 am
2017 Vintage Effect on Berry Ripening
11.05 am

2017 Ripening Dynamics in Napage Effect on Berry Ripening

An analysis of ripening dynamics that will compare 2017 to the previous vintages and discuss the effect of harvest timing on wine sensorial profiles.

11.30 am
2017 Vintage Effect on Berry and Wine Composition
11.35 am

Overview of phenolic extraction into red wine from a cellular perspective

This talk will cover the basics of phenolic extraction, including anthocyanins, tannins and their reaction products, from the perspective of their cellular location. Potential implications for red wine maceration will also be discussed.

12.15 am
Panel of Winegrowers: A Discussion of Extraction Techniques
12.45 pm
2.15 pm

Special Presentation on the Impact of the 2017 Firestorms

3.00 pm
Vintage Comparison Panel: 2012 Five Years After
3.35 pm
3.45 pm
Wine Tasting